Work and running intersecting again!

I’m teaching my EDIS 3450 students about audience and technology for language arts instruction. One of the important components is about how children’s writing (or digital production) changes when there is an authentic audience involved. It is also the topic of a video case study that I created last year as part of the Practitioner’s Guide to TPACK. Well, I was thinking about what to write on my running blog the other day about a workout that I did recently, and realized that having an audience changes things for running as well. I was supposed to run a lot slower in my workout, but the UVA swim team was at the track running around, and because of it, I ended up running too fast at the beginning and then was unable to finish the entire workout. I wasn’t prepared for the audience, and having them there changed my run.

Not the most profound discovery, and certainly not something I hadn’t considered previously, but it lined up with what I’m teaching in class right now pretty well.

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