Today I started working with an incoming doctoral student in computer science named Tadge Dryja. My advisor has paired me with Tadge to assist/learn from him as he sets up a server to monitor the air quality of the 3D printers we’re setting up in the Buford Middle School Design Academy. The plan is to have a Linux server running 12 Raspberry Pis that are installed into an enclosure around the printers. The Raspberry Pis will have a number of sensors attached to them (camera, optical dust sensor, thermometer, etc.) so that we can monitor the air quality.

Today we installed a Linux server onto one of the machines in our storage closet and ordered two sets of Raspberry Pis + sensors to get started on the ¬†prototype. We also got a 16-port switch and a second Ethernet card to install into the server so we’ll be able to monitor the sensors externally. Our projected end date for this task is September 9, so we’ll hope to get these first two up & running quickly and then order another 10 for replication.

We have to wait for things to arrive (in a few days I suppose?) and then we’ll get to work programming. I’m looking forward to it!

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