60 iPad apps in 60 minutes

Come prepared for a rapid-fire demo of 60 great applications for the iPad and iPod Touch in the classroom. From 3D brains to Google Earth, we’ve got all content areas covered.

1. Qwiki (Free) – Links to multimedia website drawing from Wikipedia articles and still images, read in a robotic voice.
2. Discovery Channel (Free) – Multimedia from the Discovery Channel.
3. Google Books/iBooks/Kindle/etc. – (Free) – eReaders from various platforms available across the web. App is free, content is usually not. Many free books available online.
4. Numbers ($10) – Spreadsheets using Mac software. Export to Excel, Numbers, PDF, iWork.com, MobileMe, iCloud (coming soon!)
5. Google (Free) – Quick way to access Google web apps and search, including voice search.
6. Blackboard (Free) – Content management website, quicker than going to the Blackboard website itself, but with limited functionality.
7. TeacherPal (Free) – Simple classroom management software with attendance, seating charts, and grades.
8. Bsecure (Free) – Full web browser with integrated security, limiting access as set with an account.
9. Quickvoice Recorder (Free) – iPad voice recording, allowing for simple podcasting or voice memos, etc.
10. GoodReader ($5) – Opens zip files, servers such as GoogleDocs, Dropbox, MobileMe, and school servers. Very useful.
11. Pages ($10) – Apple version of word processing, can edit Word documents and export as Word, Pages, PDF, etc.
12. Keynote ($10) Presentations. Works with a VGA adapter, can also open PowerPoint.
13. DocumentsToGo ($10/16 Premium) – Create and edit Microsoft Office files, view Apple iWork files.
14. Dropbox (Free) – Cloud based file sharing. Free signup online with 2 free GB, up-gradable.
15. Reeder ($5) – Google Reader utility.


16. LogMeIn ($30)/VNC Viewer ($10)/Connect My Mac (Free) – Remote desktop access, some more pricey than others. Contact your IT department.
17. TED (Free) – “Ideas worth spreading.” Conference that puts videos online for free.
18. YouTube (Built In) – Allows you to log into your account, works with VGA adapter.
19. BrainPop (Free) – Movie of the Day with free quiz afterwards. Doesn’t link to your subscription account.
20. Flashcards Deluxe ($4)/Flashcardlet (Free) – Pull in flashcards from Quizlet.com or GoogleDocs. Lite versions support less card sets.
21.. Easel SAT Prep Lite (Free) – SAT Prep application gives sample questions, shows video solutions. Paid version only $8. Algebra I available, with free trial.
22. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard (Free) –  Whiteboard application that allows for onscreen and audio recording and exporting.
23. IStudiez Lite (Free) – Personal planner for students, calendar, classes, due dates for assignments. Paid version is $3.
24. Wikipanion (Free/$5) – Wikipedia in your pocket. Paid version gives you offline access to entire Wikipedia library.
25. Pulse/Flipboard (Free) – Fancy news reader. Makes top websites look prettier, including Facebook and Twitter.
26. Toy Story (Free) – Interactive Disney digital book. Reads to you, has games, coloring book.
27. Pearson games and texts (Free) – Free applications with limited games and access to textbooks. More available for textbook users.
28. McGraw-Hill games ($2 each) – 12 applications from McGraw-Hill publisher for math, vocabulary, and flashcards. Textbooks not required!
29. University of Mary Washington games (Free) – Software engineer and design at UMW, creating SOL based Apps as requested.
30. MathTappers games (Free) – Simple math games for elementary students.


31. Word Magic ($1) – Practices spelling and letter insertion for common words.
32. ABC PocketPhonics Lite (Free) – Letter sounds and writing or Word games. Paid version is $3.
33. ABC Cursive Writing Free Lite (Free) – Practice cursive writing. Full version $2.
34. Bob Books Reading Magic Lite (Free) – Teach your student to read with Bob Books. 2 paid versions available for $2 (iPod) or $4 (iPad).
35. K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite (Free) – Track readers grades K-4 and determine words per minute. Paid version $2 allows for multiple students and more than 250 stories.
36. English Idioms Illustrated (Free) – What is the story behind English idioms and what do they mean? Additional idiom packs available for purchase.
37. Grammar Jammers Primary (Free) – Fun songs about parts of speech. Elementary and Middle school versions available for $3.
38. Math Ref (Free/$1)/Mathematricks HD ($1)/iMathematics! (Free) – Mathematics reference guides with equations and notes.
39. Coin Math (Free/$2) Interactive money counting activities for various levels of learners.
40. Addition UnderSea Adventures (Free/$2) – Simple addition matching puzzles for primary learners.
41. Math Drills ($2) – Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction practice. Student scores and history are stored for you and them to track.
42. Calculator! ($1) – Standard or scientific calculators. Many available, some free.
43. eClicker (Free)/eClicker Host ($10) – Simple automatic WiFi connection between host and receivers for stupid response system. Sync with their website using a free account.
44. Chalk_Board (Free) – Drawing application with saving, sharing via email, twitter, Bluetooth. Great for sharing answers in the classroom.
45. Convert Units Free HD (Free) – Easily converts angles, area, data, energy, speed, etc. Can flip conversions as well.


46. Dragon Dictation (Free) – Quick translation of voice to text without need to train. Requires internet connection. Easily send text to email, FaceBook or Twitter.
47. iTranslate/Google Translate (Free) – Internet connection required to translate. Supports over 50 languages, some with instant translation available. Both operate from same database.
48. Google Earth (Free) – Less features than the desktop version, but uses the same high resolution imagery. 3G iPad allows for more with GPS.
49. GarageBand ($5) – Built in instruments, audio recording and electric guitar amplifier with the ability to export to iTunes.
50. Ustream (Free) – iPod app for Ustream.tv. Powers live interactive video that enables anyone to watch and interact with a global audience of unlimited size.
51. Find My iPhone (Free) – Absolute must-have app allows you to locate, message, lock, or wipe your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
52. 3D Brain (Free) – Touch, rotate, and view a 3-dimensional rendering of the brain. Different sections highlighted. Labels and search. Universal app.
53. NASA App HD (Free) – Explore the skies with NASA. Live video from NASA TV, information about the planets, lots of great videos and images.
54. Westward Expansion (Free) –  Explore the westward expansion of the United States, Lewis and Clark. Interactive Maps, games, timelines. Took one of the top prizes for the VDOE SOL app challenge.
55. Early Jamestown (Free) – Interactive textbook exploration of the early days of the Jamestown settlement and the state of Virginia.
56. Pass the Past (Free) – SOL released items for all social studies subjects from third grade to VA & US History. No Government. Took one of the top prizes for the VDOE SOL app challenge.
57. ArtHD (Free) – Great artists and their masterpieces. Art gallery, slideshows and quizzes.
58. Constitution for iPad/Declaration for iPad (Free)  – Reference copy of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence for your iPad. Includes text and notes of original documents. Images of Declaration included.
59. World Book: This Day in History (Free) –  Interactive multimedia calendar that displays historical events for the current day or any selected day. Includes photos, illustrations, music, and speeches.
60. History: Maps of the World (Free) –  High resolution historical maps.

For additional iPad app suggestions, visit Tim Owens’ original 60 iPad Apps in 60 Minutes at http://60apps.wikispaces.com/